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“Success can only be achieved by knowing One’s limitations”….

United Arms considers itself a Worldwide Human Rights Organization.

We want to represent private Weapon and Gunowners across the globe. Human Rights in consens with private weapon and gunowning concerns just about any citizen worldwide.

The most simple,essential tool..the knife..has fallen subject to numerous rules and regulations. Private weapon and gunowners are being discriminated against and criminalized everywhere. Not only them, lots of things have to set right again. Freedom itself is at stake here.

We as active,lawabiding,taxpaying citizens,will not be bullied into silence. Freedom of speech,is an essential human right to us. We will not be silenced by the political Elite any longer.

All citizens shoud show solidarity and stand together with us. Our concern is not only the law on weapons and Guns. This political Elite wants to control and regulate our entire “way of life”,by bending laws and regulations to serve their purpose,as they see fit.

Freedom itself is at stake,the pillar of our Western World.Its time to show this Elite,that Freedom of Speech is also the right of one’s adversary who thinks differently.

Lots of people are deeply dissappointed in their political system and its representatives.We offer a solution to your struggle.

United Arms also wants to do away with discriminatory Cliches and Slogans attributed to Private Weapon and Gunowners.

AsHuman Beings(and we want to be treated as such)we understand that Freedom is the highest attainable Good there is.This is what we are fighting for,not just for ourselves,but for all Human Beings in this world……

You will find more Info on our Website and in our FB.Group…

sincerely United Arms.